Mannheim 2030 development model

REM Consult has facilitated a workshop on sustainable economy at the International Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Expert Conference for the development model process „Mannheim 2030“.

© Stadt Mannheim, Bild: Thomas Rittelmann

In the development model process „Mannheim 2030“ the citizens, the city administration, stakeholders and experts work out how the city of Mannheim should look like in the future. In this strategic process, Mannheim includes the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) prominently. The core task of the International SDG Expert Conference from 17th-19th October thus was to critically assess a draft of the mission statement for the model process “Mannheim 2030” and discuss it before it gets approved by the City Council.

For doing so, German and international experts as well as representatives of befriended and partner cities of Mannheim from all over the world came together. In parallel working groups on the topics “Social/Educational Equity”, “Economy”, “Democracy and Urban Society”, “Climate Protection”, “International”, “Sustainable lifestyle” and “Culture” they discussed the draft, enriched and developed it further. Dr. Lars Schieber facilitated the working group Economy and collected good practices as well as developed additional recommendations for the strategic goals of the city. Based upon the results, the City Council shall adopt the mission statement “Mannheim 2030” in December.

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