Urban & Rural Development

Whether the city, the suburbs or the countryside: growing interdependencies and complex challenges in Europe demand innovative approaches and international exchange across borders.

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Around three quarter of Europe’s inhabitants live in cities or urbanized regions. Climate change, migration and societal changes represent new multi-layered challenges for urban agglomerations. At the same time, rural areas face fundamental difficulties due to ageing, shrinking and strained municipal budgets.

Our experience in the “Urban & Rural Development” field

In addition to studies and analyses in spatial development, REM Consult has also played a role in developing and coordinating several EU projects in this area. This includes topics such as urban mobility and retail sector development, but also projects that address relationships between urban and rural spaces. In the Interreg IV C project URMA, urban-rural partnership pilots were developed in various regions across Europe. The objective here was to strengthen the capacity for innovation “on the ground” and to further improve cooperation between urban and rural actors. The project RUMORE follows up on the results of URMA trying to open up the innovation capacities of six urban agglomerations for their surrounding rural regions. The projects MAMBA and SEMPRE develop approaches for the promotion of social innovation in rural regions and to ensure accessibility of services.

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