Cooperation Projects

With its various funding programmes, the EU promotes numerous international cooperation projects. Horizon 2020, for example, provides funding for researchers from all over Europe, while the Interreg Programmes can be used by project partners to develop joint strategies and solutions for tackling today’s challenges like climate change or demographic changes in their regions. There are Interreg strands (A, B, C) that cover cross-border, transnational, and interregional cooperation.

Such cooperation projects are often very complex, consisting of several interdependent Work Packages. Submitting an application that proves successful in the end is an intricate process that involves several steps. Only applications that have been presented in a clear and concise manner and that have been thoroughly thought through can expect to be approved by the responsible authorities. Managing the project’s finances and reporting expenses is yet another challenging task for the project partners. Last but not least, there is also the challenge of coordinating and orchestrating a large intercultural group of various project partners with different backgrounds. It is a crucial skill to be able to flexibly adapt to such a diverse environment by employing intercultural sensitivity and skills.

REM Consult has been specialising for more than a decade on supporting institutions and organisations that would like to realise EU-funded projects, but lack the necessary know-how, experience or capacities to deal with the challenge of a project on their own.

We assist applicants throughout the process of developing their project idea and submitting the application. We do this by finding suitable project partners, by refining project ideas, and by developing coherent work and budget plans. Submitting a well-developed funding application marks the final step of this process which we support actively with all our expertise and experience. As soon as a project is approved, project partners are faced with new tasks related to project management, financial management and public relations. We provide assistance to project partners in all of these areas as well. Ideally, the partners of our projects can focus entirely on the realisation of their objectives without getting too distracted by the basic day-to-day tasks of project administration and by financial technicalities.