Baltic InteGrid – Integrated Offshore Grid Development

Baltic InteGrid promotes international coordination and integration of offshore grid infrastructure between countries, also known as meshed grid, to allow for significant savings.

There is considerable potential for producing offshore wind energy in the Baltic Sea region. Yet, today only 15 percent of all European offshore wind parks are located in the Baltic Sea. The development of the North Sea region is a lot more advanced, by comparison. In the Baltic Sea region, the development of an efficient offshore grid still represents a major challenge. Against this background, Baltic InteGrid aims at making use of the existing renewable energy potential in the Baltic Sea

During the project lifetime the project partners from Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland work in close cooperation towards numerous outputs, such as the  Baltic Offshore Grid Forum. The Forum is a platform for stakeholder engagement and builds a regional expert network for offshore wind grid development. Moreover, the Baltic Grid Concept will set out the framework conditions for the successful development of an integrated offshore wind infrastructure in the Baltic Sea region through international interdisciplinary research and analysis. Furthermore, two in-depth prefeasibility studies focusing on Poland and Sweden as well as Denmark and Germany will be carried out.  Consequently, Baltic InteGrid will provide recommendations and prepositions for installing offshore wind electricity grid in the Baltic Sea Region.

The project has been approved in November 2015 in the first call of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme 2014-2020.