MAMBA – Innovative Mobility Solutions in Rural Areas

The MAMBA project aims to promote “people-to-service” and “service-to-people” mobility solutions in rural areas and involve residents in the process.

Due to demographic change and limited financial resources, local communities are faced nowadays with the growing challenge of securing basic infrastructural supply. The project MAMBA (Maximising mobility and accessibility of services in rural regions around the Baltic Sea) seeks innovative answers to rural mobility challenges. MAMBA furthermore promotes the development of self-organised strategies for preserving and improving traffic supply and traffic infrastructure. The project not only addresses people’s mobility („people-to-service“), but also the provision of services in rural areas („service-to-people“).

MAMBA addresses the challenge described above by initiating so-called “mobility centres” in nine pilot regions of the Baltic Sea area. These centres shall contribute to the harmonisation and greater flexibility of existing transport options and will be complemented with capacity building measures for management staff of the responsible authorities. They shall furthermore help to connect relevant actors and provide useful information to the population concerned. The project shall also encourage citizens to develop ideas and to put them into practice. The results not only benefit regions and local communities participating in the project. By developing a useful handbook and database, MAMBA allows potential solutions and strategies to be transferred to other regions, too.

REM Consult has been involved in the development of MAMBA supporting its project and financial management between 2017 and 2020.