Project application evaluations in the South Baltic Programme

In both the previous and the current funding period (2007-2013 and 2014-2020) REM Consult was and is involved in the evaluation of project proposals for the Interreg South Baltic Programme. REM Consult furthermore contributed to a specialist assessment of high-quality innovative project ideas.

The assessment of project applications by external experts is part of the approval procedure in the South Baltic Programme. Applications are assessed according to operative and strategic aspects. The assessment enables the Steering Committee to take sound decisions on the approval of project proposals. In the previous funding period REM Consult was involved in the evaluation of altogether nine applications. The same goes for the current funding period, in which we again assessed several project applications on behalf of the South Baltic Programme.

Jacek Zaucha, Head of the Joint Technical Secretariat, South Baltic Programme 2007-2013: “We were extremely satisfied with the cooperation and assessment quality of Mr. Markus Lang. The assessor has demonstrated exceptional professional level and unique ability to understand the complexity of transnational projects. The projects were analysed in depth, all crucial aspects as well as weak and strong points were detected. Working with Mr. Lang as professional specialist in the field of assessment of European Union Territorial Co-operation Projects was a privilege.”