Facilitation for your virtual project event

Are you looking for support to facilitate your virtual project event? Whether a project meeting workshop or conference, whether for EU projects or other contexts – benefit from our experience with virtual events.

virtual project meeting facilitation
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We have over fifteen years of experience in organising and moderating events. Since then we have been moderating conferences and transnational work meetings, training courses and professional events. The outbreak of COVID-19 has turned most people’s everyday working lives upside down. This is especially true for cooperation in larger international groups. In the foreseeable future, most transnational communication will remain in the virtual space. This also means that the tried-and-tested approaches to transnational cooperation projects will no longer function as usual.
From our many years of experience, we know the written and unwritten rules of physical transnational project events by heart – and we also know that it is not enough to simply copy these practices to the virtual world. This includes the small things – for example the right technical equipment or a thought-through registration management – but also questions about the right facilitation formats and methodologies:

  • Which methods are suitable to activate participants in my particular case?

  • How can I create real interaction in the virtual space?

  • Where and how does it make sense to integrate other channels (such as Twitter) or interactive tools?

  • How can I substitute networking opportunities as they are common to physical meetings?

  • What are my options for hybrid meetings?

  • For public events, how do I grow my audience?

Reflecting these and other questions is the first step towards successful virtual project meetings and conferences. We would be happy to support you in the entire organisation, moderation and implementation of your virtual event. We are looking forward to hearing from you – just contact one of our team members.

Services & Experience

In EU projects we regularly organize meetings and public conferences – both virtual and physical. Currently, for example, our projects AREA 21 and MAMBA with virtual event series in September are part of this. In addition, we also organize training courses on the acquisition of funding, cooperation projects and internationalization (most recently, for example, on the topic of mastering the challenges of cooperation in LEADER) and take over the moderation of third-party specialist events. On our website you will also find general information about our services in the areas of public relations and event management.