Extension Stages: Energy & Efficiency

REM Consult supported two project partnerships applying for a so-called “Extension Stage” in the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme.

Assisted by REM Consult, two projects have applied for the current Interreg Baltic Sea Region extension stage call. Both projects strive to reduce the environmental impact of the energy sector and improve sustainability.
The three-years running regular projects Co2mmunity (Lead Partner Kiel University) and Area21 (Lead Partner HafenCity University Hamburg) are about to end soon. Building upon the projects´ achievements, the extension stage projects will implement and pilot activities for an additional nine months.

“Energize Co2mmunity” aims to establish six specific pilot projects of community energy in different countries. Community energy is an innovative and essential tool for increasing the share of renewable energy production and decentralizing energy supply. Through the involvement of citizens and further stakeholders in the financing and decision-making processes, community energy projects offer multiple benefits such as a higher social acceptance among citizens, the creation of regional value as well as reduced barriers for the feed-in of locally produced renewable energy.
In addition to to Energize Co2mmunity, we also developed the extension stage project “AREA 21 + action” together with HafenCity University Hamburg, which builds upon Area 21 and assesses energy efficiency from an urban district-level perspective. While Area 21 developed the so-called “Energy Improvement District” (EID) concept, the follow-up project AREA21 + action will focus on the actual implementation of strategies developed in the previous project.

We hope for the Lead Partners, Kiel University and HafenCity University Hamburg together their respective partnerships that both proposals will be approved and keep our fingers crossed!

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