Happy Birthday: 30 Years of Interreg

This year, Interreg is celebrating its 30th anniversary. As a key instrument of the European Union´s cohesion policy, Interreg has made a considerable contribution to further integrating Europe across borders, to counteract regional disparities and to target transnational challenges.

Territorial cooperation is a central pillar of a united Europe and its shared values. Through its slogan “borders do not have to be barriers”, Interreg underpins these values which materialize in day-to-day applications in various projects on the ground. We at REM Consult are particularly proud to be part of this programme, with Interreg being at the core of our expertise. For more than 15 years – more than half of Interreg’s life – we have contributed to the programme’s vision by realising various projects together with more than 300 project partners by now. With a special focus on the North Sea and Baltic Sea Regions, we developed dozens of projects with Interreg funding and provided our expertise and passion for projects. Additionally, Interreg enabled us to learn from international partners on new topics and widen our horizon towards new perspectives. We have been gaining first-hand insights on how people and organisations in Europe benefit from transnational cooperation and partnerships and how the European idea is promoted and realized on the ground.

As committed Europeans, we are looking forward to having even more projects realized with Interreg in the future to promote cooperation and shape the future of the Union. Proudly looking on the past achievements, throughout this year Interreg is communicating the programme with a particular focus on the three topics “We all have a neighbour”, “Youth”, as well as “Green and climate-neutral Europe”. These themes represent the heart of what Interreg is about and highlight which future challenges European transnational cooperation will address in the following years.

We at REM would like to say Thank you to all the partners that have accompanied us on this way and realized such impressive and innovative transnational projects. We are looking forward to launching more projects with you in the future, making Interreg an even bigger success story. Do you have ideas for new projects or do you want to learn more about Interreg? You are welcome to contact us!