BSR electric – E-Mobility in the Baltic Sea Region

BSR electric promotes e-mobility in cities of the Baltic Sea Region. With “use cases” on themes such as urban freight logistics, e-vehicles in public transport or e-bicycles and electric ferries in urban transport systems, the project develops a set of Good Practices demonstrating the potential of e-mobility in urban agglomerations.

Urban areas are vital to the economic development of the Baltic Sea Region. At the same time, cities are also responsible for much of Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions, a quarter of which – according to the EU White Paper on Transport (2011) – derives from the transport sector. Against this background, BSR electric contributes to reaching the EU2020 emission targets, as it supports cities in very practical terms in the transformation of their infrastructure and transport systems.

Among many decision makers in the region, know-how of e-mobility and its potential in the urban context is still fragmented, indicating weak institutional capacities to address matters related to the electrification of urban transport. To generate the know-how and precedence needed for sustainable investment decisions, BSR electric offers assessments of user acceptance, economic viability and technical implementation barriers. These assessments are based on real-life testing and allow for mutual learning between cities, both within and beyond the partnership.

REM Consult was in charge of the project development of BSR electric and supports the partnership with tailored coaching in financial matters. BSR electric was approved in 2017 and has a duration of three years.