MORO – Integration of Refugees

A pilot project of federal regional planning (German: MORO):
“Housing – Learning – Working – intermunicipal cooperation for the integration of refugees“ in the KielRegion and the City of Neumünster

The integration of refugees is one of the biggest challenges of the last decades for society, but at the same time also opens up unique chances. It requires mid-term and long-term strategies which – after the pragmatic short-term measures of first aid in 2015 and the first half of 2016 – would accompany the asylum processes. In this situation, communal and municipal stakeholders have a key role. The KielRegion and the City of Neumünster have successfully applied as one region in the federal pilot project programme “Living regions – active regional development as task for the future”.

Intermunicipal cooperation for the integration of refugees

The federal pilot project programme is funded by the Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning. It supports concrete projects and studies which implement new approaches in spatial and regional planning. Against this background, the project “Housing – Learning – Working – intermunicipal cooperation for the integration of refugees“ develops a strategic action plan in a co-creation process together with the target groups refugees, working groups in the three areas (housing, learning, working) as well as regional experts.

Towards a strategic action plan

On one hand, this strategic action plan presents the status quo of the integration of refugees. On the other hand, it also shows how the intermunicipal cooperation across municipal and county borders can be implemented. Moreover, the action plan points at potential first activities to improve integration processes quickly and durably. REM Consult was contracted to support with the content-related work. Additionally, we were in charge of the methodological facilitation of interactive participation formats and to develop the strategic action plan for all involved counties, cities, the state chancellery Schleswig-Holstein as well as further involved municipalities and business support organisations.

REM Consult