EmpInno Monitor S3 – Improve RIS3 Monitoring

The transnational project EmpInno Monitor S3 develops and tests innovative monitoring elements and thereby improves the monitoring systems of the regional innovation strategies for smart specialisation (abbreviated as “RIS3”).

EmpInno Monitor S3 builds upon the predecessor project EmpInno. Nine partner organisations from six countries of the Baltic Sea Region cooperate in testing and piloting innovative approaches for improved monitoring of regional innovation strategies for smart specialisation.
Implementing regional innovation strategies is complex as they include a plethora of instruments, measures and stakeholders. To monitor and evaluate how this implementation works and which objectives are achieved is equally complex and for many regions and countries still a big challenge. Innovative ideas and elements for this monitoring could be, for example: (1) include more qualitative information, (2) using digital tools for obtaining information from end-users and (3) engaging stakeholders in the S3-monitoring dialogue.

To improve the RIS3 monitoring systems durably, the partners coordinate with the regional and national managing authorities that are responsible for the smart specialisation strategies. Together, they integrate these new elements into the monitoring systems. The project empowers the responsible ministries to better assess and evaluate the results of their innovation policies and to adapt their measures and instruments accordingly.

REM Consult has developed EmpInno Monitor S3 together with the partnership and the Lead Partner, Rostock Business. We furthermore support the consortium in the project and financial management as well as communication and dissemination. EmpInno Monitor S3 is co-financed by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme as „Extension Stage Project“.

In order to achieve a lasting improvement in the monitoring systems with this pilot project, the partners coordinate with their regional and national ministries, which are responsible for the respective innovation strategy. Together they will integrate the new elements into the corresponding monitoring systems over the long term. With EmpInno Monitor S3, the responsible ministries are developing better ways to measure the results of their innovation policy and economic promotion measures and to adjust them if necessary.

EmpInno Monitor S3 was developed by REM Consult together with the consortium and the lead partner, the Gesellschaft für Wirtschafts- und Technologieförderung Rostock mbH. In addition, REM Consult supports the consortium in project and financial management and in public relations. EmpInno Monitor S3 is co-financed as a so-called “Extension Stage Project” by the Interreg Baltic Sea program.