INTEGRAL – Integrated carbon and trace gas monitoring

BONUS INTEGRAL develops a concept for improved and cost-effective carbon and trace gas monitoring of the Baltic Sea.

While Finland, Sweden and Germany are already partners of the ICOS ERIC (Integrated Carbon Observation System) with a well-established infrastructure, other countries such as Poland and Estonia are currently developing respective strategies. The potential added value of the Baltic Sea’s biogeochemical monitoring has not yet been defined.

BONUS INTEGRAL integrates different data flows of ICOS and of related infrastructure in the Baltic Sea environment, develops maps for seasonal carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions, and implements the carbon system into a high resolution 3-D Baltic Sea model. This way, the added value from a better description of the biogeochemical state in the Baltic Sea shall be demonstrated. Last but not least, the project develops a concept for improved, cost-effective monitoring of the Baltic Sea involving ICOS and related infrastructure.