MORO – Climate-adapted Regional Plan

Guidelines for devising regional plans that takes the issue of climate change into fair consideration

The research initiative aims at developing a field-tested guideline to create regional plans responding to climate change. For that, corresponding findings of previous regional planning model projects, further research projects and new requirements of spatial development have been drafted in order to develop regulations for regional planning processes which meet the challenges of climate change. To safeguard applicability and usefulness of the guideline, a field test was conducted in three regions which are currently installing or revising their regional plan.  Within these practical tests the four action fields of the MKRO (Conference of Ministers for Spatial Planning) that focus on “regional planning and climate change” were considered. Primary target groups of the project and its results are spatial, regional and landscape planners, landscape architects, specialists and infrastructure planners as well as political decision makers.

The action programme “model initiatives for spatial planning” (MORO) shall be used to promote concrete projects pursuing new approaches to the field of spatial planning and regional development. The project was completed in 2016.

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