VASAB – Visions and strategies around the Baltic Sea

From January 2022 to June 2023, Germany chairs the cooperation between the ministries of spatial planning in the Baltic Sea region (VASAB). REM Consult accompanies the German presidency, in particular the stakeholder process.

During the German Presidency, the Long-Term Perspective for the Baltic Sea region (LTP) is updated and the role of VASAB in the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region shall be redefined. The MORO project accompanies this process and involves stakeholders who can contribute to the implementation.

REM Consult supports the German Chair of the VASAB Committee on Spatial Planning and Development in the Baltic Sea region (CSPD/BSR) in the update process of VASAB Vision 2040. Among others, it will be examined whether and how the renewed LTP can be applied, especially in the German part of the Baltic Sea region, and how stakeholders that can contribute to its implementation be identified and activated. Two workshops for German actors and a BSR-wide workshop will be organised. Finally, an international conference will complete the project in spring 2023.